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LARPA Lives! - Eric Johnson
LARPA Lives!

Originally published at Words and Thoughts. Please leave any comments there.

So, as I’ve hinted at in my last few posts, I’ve been doing a goodly amount of work on LARPA’s web properties since Intercon H. In the ideal world I would liked to have gotten this done before Intercon, but had to actually get my share of 10 Bad Modules in 100 Bad Minutes written. That being said, as of early this afternoon the last pieces have fallen into place and so, without further ado, I present “What’s New With LARPA!”

Planet LARPA

This is my new pet project which is being sponsored by LARPA. Planet LARPA is a LARP blog aggregator — the goal is to create a central source for accessing LARP theory blogs on the web. Right now it only aggregates two feeds, this blog’s and Gordon Olmstead-Dean’s. But we are currently accepting applications to be added to the feed. The only requirement is that your blog be primarily about LARP theory and/or production — the occasional diversion is fine, but it needs to be generally on topic. The litmus test is “would this interest someone who never met me but was interested in LARP theory?” I hate to be rough about this, but since the idea is that interested parties can subscribe just to Planet LARPA so that they can get updates from all of its member blogs I need to be a bit of a stickler about signal-to-noise ratio. If you’re interested in being listed leave a comment here with the address of your blog.

LARPA Gamebank

After a disgustingly long period of downtime, the LARPA Gamebank is live again! We have all of your old favorites, along with all of the entries from the 2006 and 2007 Small Game Writing Competitions. There are a lot of great events in there that I heartily suggest anyone interested in running LARP should check out. We’re always looking for new submissions as well, though they have to agree to being released under the Gamebank license.

New Forums

We’ve killed all of the spam that had infested the old forums (if you don’t know, don’t ask — I don’t like to talk about it) and upgraded to a new forum system that finally gives us all of the email (and RSS) notification goodness that we desired. It’s a great venue for any LARP conversations you may want to have, and is significantly easier to monitor now than it has been in years past.

LARPA-Gen is Dead

This is tied to the last announcement, but we’ve also finally pulled the plug on the LARPA-Gen email reflector. The group is still live, but has moved to announce-only and simply reflects messages posted to the general discussion forum of the forums. We waited a long time to get the forums to the point where we felt comfortable in retiring this venerable workhorse (and arguably LARPA’s greatest asset), but we’re confident that the current forum solution is a more than adequate replacement.

I think that’s about it for now– if you have any thoughts feel free to comment here (comments now working in IE6!) or on my repost of this information in the new forums. It’s looking like a bright new day to me!