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More LARPA Updates - Eric Johnson
More LARPA Updates

Originally published at Words and Thoughts. Please leave any comments there.

Hopefully I’ll get to some more substantiative content in the near future, but I thought it worthwhile to point out that we’ve had a couple of updates on the LARPA site today.

  1. Mike Young’s blog has been added to Planet LARPA! I’d still love to get some more blogs participating in the project, so please don’t hesitate to to get in touch with me if you’re interested in having your blog syndicated as part of Planet LARPA.
  2. We’ve added two more excellent events to the LARPA Gamebank: J. Tuomas Harviainen’s A Serpent of Ash and Sage Shepperd, Joshua Sheena, Josh Rachlin, and Nat Budin’s The Free Animals’ Republic of MacDonald Presents the Trial of the Big Bad Wolf, to Be Immediately Followed By His Execution, in Honor of Our First Anniversary. Next week we should be adding Jim & Kelly MacDougal’s The Final Voyage of the Mary Celeste - Two.

Think that’s about it for now — hopefully I’ll get back to putting out some actual theory in the near future. LARP just happens to be competing with the ACC Tournament for my attention this weekend.